Web Design and Development

Wireframe for webdesign and development

Interactive Pixels has solid experience in delivering websites, web apps, extranets and intranets. Often with a Content Management System (CMS), sometimes multi-lingual. Always with design and functionality geared towards achieving your goals, read how we do it.

Mobile (responsive) Websites

Mobile (responsive) website development

Internet is no longer confined to the desktop, and at Interactive Pixels we’ve fully embraced the concept of responsive websites – a website that adapts to the device (desktop, tablet, mobile) being used, not only in layout but also, if necessary, in functionality.

Online Marketing

Online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Part of achieving a successful online presence is making sure you are found by those who could use your service or product. Learn more about how we can help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Online advertising (such as Adwords) and backlink creation.


Image for E-commerce and webshops

You don’t have to be the next Amazon to be successful in online sales. On the internet, the world is your marketplace. Discover how Interactive Pixels can help with both strategy and execution, for your online presence and the administrative and logistical backend.

Social Media

Social media icons, some of many social media networks

Your customers use social media to share information, do pre-purchase research and just generally tell the world what they are doing and what they like. We, and our partners, can advise and assist you in making social media part of your communication mix.

API Integration

Integration with third party APIs

Interactive Pixels has extensive experience with integrating third-party API’s into websites. Examples are Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook and various online payment solutions. A little more on APIs and what integration can mean for your website and business.

Analytics & Conversion

Screenshot of website traffic analytics

Important for the success of your online presence is knowing and properly analysing the way visitors interact with your website, and this isn’t confined to just e-commerce sites. Proper analysis can lead to a better site structure and conversion ratio.

Agency for Agency

Image conceptualising Interactive Pixels as a part in another organisation's service offering

Interactive Pixels also works as a subcontractor for other agencies. If you are interested in integrating one or more of our services into your offering, on a per-project or more permanent basis, let’s talk and do business!